World´s largest Inflatable SUP Producer
– founded 1983 –

Haji Lee , CEO

Haji Lee , CEO

It is Woosung I.B.’s great pleasure to introduce our company to you through our website. At Woosung, founded in 1983, we pride ourselves on our continuing pursuit of advanced business and technological innovation in the inflatable-boat industry. Our motto, ”Make a lasting impression with the best products and services,” expresses our company spirit, which focuses on nurturing the most gifted engineers and workers.


The Industry Leader

  • The world´s biggest boat manufacturer
  • Distribution in more than 60 Countries
  • Our Industrial R&D Institute is certified by KITA
  • Certified by NMMA, Q, and ISO 9001
  • PVC, Hypalon and Polyurethane fabrics
  • Production Capacity of 1.000.000 Units per year
  • Our 33nd Year Serving the Marine and Recreational Industry
  • Combined Glue and Welding Processes
  • Autor-Cutting Machines
  • Capacity to build boats 7 meters long
  • Official Supplier for IRF (International Federation Rafting)

Production of
over 200.000 SUP Boards
since 2009






Vision & Philosophie
We have been trying our best for sustainable management and technical innovation in Korea little short of wild land in terms of Water Leisure Industry. According to our motto,“Best Quality! Best Service! Customer Impression!” based on corporate philosophy, we concentrate on training excellent engineers and staffs.

Sticking to own brand
By means of pride and technical strength, we export products under our own brand name and broke out of OEM export system. We also improve our name value actively participating in international exhibitions and do have business with overseas buyers switching their company names into our brand name.

Customer Impression
We keep in mind that buyers can leave us once they’re not satisfied with us and we always consider positively what buyers require. A test in Han River at the risk of life on one snowy day in Feb, 10days of all-night work etc. Move our customers.

The fundamental principle of our company is a passion for work and innovation. From this passion we have developed brand-new products and pioneered a new market. We have become a worldwide water sports company, with distribution networks in 60 countries and has a 90% share of the market for our product category.
The ZEBEC inflatable boat has been named an official boat for the World Rafting Championships and our SUP board has already gained a 50% market share. Our rafts are recognized for their safety for commercial, racing, and professional uses. Of special note, our lifeboats and military boats are used in 13 countries worldwide, including by Indonesia’s military forces.

At Woosung we don’t accept the status quo. Our goal is to be a leader for a better future. We also aim to become world-first in the inflatable-boat market, meeting the creative challenge with the attitude ”We get it done!”

We stick to the basics to achieve sustainable growth, and never jump on a bandwagon just to introduce something ”new.” The greatest source of competitive power in manufacturing is reliability our customers can count on. On-time delivery, high quality, and competitive pricing are the keys to gaining and keeping customers’ trust.

Our company strives to improve at all times. We welcome your interest in our global brand KXone. Korea Woosung I.B. is passionately committed to constant improvement of our product offering. The best preparation for the future is to continue moving forward while retaining customers.



with over 600 employees


Head Quarter in South Korea
Woosung I.B. Co., Ltd.
251, Pyeongcheon-ro, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Korea
TEL : +82-32-550-1000
FAX : +82-32-555-8003
E-mail :
Type of Business : Manufacturing, Trading
Main Product : SUP Boards, Sports Boat, Fishing Boats, Rescue Boats, Race Boats, Waterpark Systems, Inflatable Systems
Established : Jan, 1992.
Factory Area : 4,800 ㎡


Korea Plant
Woosung I.B. Co., Ltd.
158, Anaji-ro, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, Korea
TEL : +82-32-550-1000
FAX : +82-32-555-8003
Production Capacity : 20,000 units/year
Employees : 90 persons
Factory Area : 3,500 ㎡


China Plant 1
Weihai Woosung ZEBEC Co., Ltd.
Shenjiouzhonglu 39-5#, Huojui-High, Technology,
Development District, Weihai City, China
TEL : 86-31-529-0158
Production Capacity : 40,000 units/year
Employees : 150 persons
Factory Area : 5,000 ㎡


China Plant 2
Woosung HwaNan Plastics MFG. Ind. Ltd.
Guangzhou Nansha Economic & Technological Development Zone. Nansha West Industrial Area, Panyu City, Guangdong, China.
TEL : 86-20-8498-0036
Production Capacity : 50,000 units/year
Employees : 350 persons
Factory Area : 15,000 ㎡


Vietnam Plant
Vina Woosung J/V Corp
An Thuong Hoai Due, Ha Tay, Vietnam
TEL : 84-433-650-055
Production Capacity : 25,000 units/year
Employees : 100 persons
Factory Area : 9,000 ㎡


Europe Office
Woosung I.B. EU, S.L
Via Servicio 22, Darsena Pesquera 38180, Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain
Tel: +34-922-820-606
Fax: +34-922-821-614


USA Office
Woosung CNA LLC. (Head Office)
232 Banks Road Travelers Rest, SC 2969, U.S.A
Tel : +1-864-835-0057
Fax : +1-864-836-4640