Advanced SELYTECH DS-Fabric

Woosung now manufactures with a newly developed DS material with excellent properties.

In recent years, Woosung has been constantly improving their drop stitch material. The DS-fabric mainly used in the production was exclusively made for Woosung in a constantly superior quality. New requirements from the market called for a fundamental change in the chemical and physical structure of the dropstitch threads and the PVC lamination. Woosung now introduces its new SELYTECH product with outstanding properties, in accordance with the necessary requirements.

Inflatable DS-Fabric must be able to withstand rough use and tough conditions. It is rolled up and stowed in the trunk of the car, stored in a boat, exposed to extremes of heat and cold, and must last for years without breaking down. That is why the new SELYTECH DS-Fabric is manufactured to meet the highest chemical and physical specifications.

Over 400 Glue & Fabric tests per year!


Selytech Composite Super Lite

Woosung has been producing various innovative styles of inflatable heavy-duty drop stitch SUP with our Selytech Glue from the start. We have been introducing mainly 3 different board structures and finally developed Selytech Composite Super Lite DS fabric. We assure that you can have a successful business with our quality Selytech SUP boards.

SSL – Selytech Single Layer
● Lighter and economical price
● Now increased in stiffness and air tightness
● Strong enough to make board without any reinforcement

SDL – Selytech Double Layer
● Reinforced with 1000 denier fabric on top & bottom by hand gluing method
● Heavy duty and highly stable
● Great for any kind of graphic design to realize

SCSL™ – Selytech Composite Super Light™
● Newly developed double layer drop stitch
● Reinforced by pre-laminated double layer coating
● Stronger and stiffer, and up to 35% lighter
● The best weight down construction (less by 35% compared to the SDL)
● Improved anti-air loss technology
● Highly stable and durable for airtight, stiffness, torsion in hard and tough condition
● Fire Retardant Antimicrobial, Oil Proof, Anti Stain, Acid and Alkali Resistance
● Durable with UV-Protective, Anti-Oxidation and Temperature Resistance
● Any color available (top & bottom)


Advanced SELYTECH Glue V2


Since we have researched and developed for 8 years with our international development partners, we get this innovative glue which is technologically advanced and gets over most of the matters existing glues have.

We, Woosung I.B., are happy to present the better and best quality products using this special glue to our customers all over the world.



  • High-class coating of DS-Fabric surface with silver color.
  • Adhesive strength more than doubled existing glues.
  • 30% improvement of the density and the denier of Space Yarn.
  • A remarkable reduction in the false twist by increasing the precision of skewness by 50% compared to existing glue.
  • Improvement of the stiffness by narrowing down the  in-line pattern interval from 12.5mm to 10mm.
  • Excellent Tensile Strength, Tearing Strength, Adhesion Strength
  • Outstanding Air Tightness
  • Fire Retardant Antimicrobial, Oil Proof, Anti Stain, Acid and Alkali Resistance
  • Durable with UV-Protective, Anti-Oxidation and Temperature Resistance
  • Optional DS-Fabric – specially reinforce DS-Fabric with 0.70mm T-Fabric on the top and bottom: available in any color.
  • Eco-friendly DS-Fabric: 6NP (Non Phthalate)

The robustness SELYTECH is significantly stiffer than conventional DS-Fabric

SELYTECH is available in an extensive standard color range, and if something unique is desired, SELYTECH can be custom-colored in virtually any shade.


With conventional DS-Fabric the surface of the interior “base cloth” must be specially treated to be made airtight. Woosung´s Advanced SELYTECH DS-Fabric technology eliminates this expensive step.


Side chambers and bottom floor made of Advanced SELYTECH© DS (dropstitch) fabric for superior strength, high-pressure inflation, durability, and abrasion resistance. Molded V-shaped form under bow and stern made of rigid, durable material for better tracking, easier paddling, and greater speed.


Floor cover and top hull of side chambers are constructed of extra-strong 840-denier nylon Oxford fabric with polyurethane coating. Bottom and one third of outer side chambers are made of 1000-denier super-tough supported fabric, providing added strength and durability, abrasion resistance, and superior air retention.


Side chambers and bottom are made of 1000-denier super-tough supported fabric for superior strength, high-pressure inflation, durability, firmness, and abrasion resistance. New inflatable high-pressure dropstitch floor gives extreme rigidity with no extra weight.



The inflatable SUP board is made of high-quality dropstitch fabric-proven to be free of pinhole leaks, cracking, and surface air bubbles. It is also very durable, easily maneuverable, and resistant to UVs, foul weather (extreme heat, cold, or humidity), as well as fuel, oil, sunlight, and abrasion.