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Unlike with other kayaks, the KXone Kayaks’ new inflation technology means that the kayaks are ready to go in just a few minutes. Comfortable, well-designed ergonomically “smart” seats significantly increase your paddling comfort while.

As one of the world’s largest producers of water sports products, Woosung has a long tradition of pursuing innovative technology. Its new, rigid, light “Selytech©” Dropstitch material and a new high-quality, high-performance glue are the results of a seven-year development effort. Together they meet the requirements of the world market leader for inflatable water sports equipment.



is a hybrid kayak, half surfboard, half kayak, with same measurements as a 17‘ Surfski. This innovative design is very fast and, thanks to a smart rudder system, is easy to steer.

The Airrow is 100% inflatable meaning that you can easily get it on the water right out of your car trunk. Live in a city? No storage? No problem! The storage-friendly Airrow can be ready to use in minutes. Wherever you go, Airrow is with you. Airrow is lightweight, easy to carry, and can be stowed in your car in just a few minutes.

The AIRROW has a specially designed rudder system. After inflating the surf ski you install the rudder assembly with a few clicks. No tools needed.



First inflatable kayak to be constructed entirely of SELYTECH® dropstitch fabric, giving it distinct advantages over traditional inflatable kayaks. Ample and comfortable for one person (350) , two persons (410) or the extra long Version (485) plus plenty of gear. Discover the Slider difference for yourself.


BARAM 200/300

The Baram is our most popular “all-purpose” kayak, ideal for both beginners and advanced kayakers. With a hull constructed from reinforced material, it is compact and lightweight, hence easy to paddle.


FLASH 200/300

The Flash is made to meet the expectations of the most demanding kayakers for both a recreational and a sports kayak. Sleek, sturdy, extremely rigid and stable, the Flash is suitable for experienced and novice paddlers.


The inflatable SUP board is made of high-quality dropstitch fabric-proven to be free of pinhole leaks, cracking, and surface air bubbles. It is also very durable, easily maneuverable, and resistant to UVs, foul weather (extreme heat, cold, or humidity), as well as fuel, oil, sunlight, and abrasion.

Although rigid and stable in the water, the board can be deflated and folded up for easy traveling, fits into a backpack, and is light and compact enough to travel as carry-on luggage. Once you arrive at your destination you can quickly inflate your SUP with a hand pump and get onto the water in no time.


Light as a feather

Are you looking for something light?
We are proud to represent 7.6kg(16.7 lbs) Super Light SUP. It is almost 50% less heavy than the ones already out in the market. Not only the weight but also the price has been reduced. Enjoy our light and afforadable Super Light SUP with its slim design. You will feel the difference.



Digital Printing + UV Coating Technology

One of our valuable customers Anomy has many colorful and unique designs of SUP boards. Thanks to our New Digital Printing and UV Coating technology, we were able to realize those vivid and beautiful designs on to the boards.


The WAVE Liner – BIG SUP

is designed for maximum fun with groups up to 10 paddlers. The single-layer dropstitch fabric is reinforced with an extra fabric layer on top and bottom for greater rigidity. Designed to be used on.


Allround / Adventure / Sprinter



We are proud of our unique
White River Rafting Boats

Our River Rafts are hand crafted amd built tough with quadruple reinforced seams. We make the main tubes with 1000denier 0.9mm thick, high quality fabric. They can also be made with 2000denier 1.2mm thick special fabric. The bottoms are made from heavy-duty 1.8mm thick material using the double strength, full Panama method. In addition, the heavy-duty D-rings, full length side rub strakes, handles, and our own valves and glue bring special value to our River Rafts. Many years of experience and field testing enable us to manufacture these swift, stable designs with all of the above features.
Our River Rafts have maximal space inside the boat and is fitted for comfortable usage of river guides and users, the unique design of our gradual bow and stern rise, along with a slightly raised floor for improved tracking. We are well known for their easy handling and maneuverability.


The patented Bug Series
is quick and responsive

The Bugs are boats with a new concept. Looking down from the top, they look like a raft. Looking up from the bottom, they look like a cataraft with a high floor. We combined the best features of both the raft and the cataraft together in one boat, and the Bugs were created.
The Bugs have the speed, maneuverability, and surfing performance of a cataraft, while at the same time providing the comfort, convenience, and splash protection of a raft. The Bugs are appropriate for experienced rafters for use on Class III – Class IV+ rivers. The variety of sizes and the speed of the Bugs also makes them a dream for families or small groups to use on slower and milder rivers.



The 9’Cat Fish is another line of fishing boats. We have included all the advancements in the cataraft and fishing boats in the Cat Fish, which can be used on both rivers and lakes. You may install the optional row frame seat. Enjoy any of our catarafts by outfitting them with one of our fuctional Row Frames.

14CR, 16CR & 15DCR

These catarafts are designed to carry lots of cargo and also provide excellent stability and handling. On the top, the nearly flat surface from bow to stern gives maximum frame length and lad capacity. On the bottom, a long water line combines with the curved bow and stern to provide top performance with heavy loads.


The Multifunction Kayak from the world’s largest producer of inflatables for water sports is a standout because of its unique versatility:
use it for rowing, paddling and fishing.



Minutes after taking the WINGFISH from the trunk of your car you will be rowing, paddling, or using your kayak with any standard electric outboard motor. The special new feature of the WINGFISH is the 2 side wings that when folded out create a stable platform to stand on and fish from. Further ensuring a solid footing while standing and fishing is a height-adjustable aluminum safety bar to hold on to or lean on.



Fishing is sport, passion, and also a fun activity. Why don’t you enjoy fishing with one of our Fishing Boats?
Our fishing boats have been field-tested extensively on remote rivers and lakes all over the world. They are designed for easy and convenient fishing. The low centered seat platform of 250WS and 265KO allows for effective kicking with fins to move the boat along.
With our fishing boats, you will become dedicated to the art of fishing, and can go any place at anytime.



Fishing is sport, passion, and also a fun activity. Why don’t you enjoy fishing with one of our Fishing Boats?
Our fishing boats have been field-tested extensively on remote rivers and lakes all over the world. They are designed for easy and convenient fishing.
With our fishing boats, you will become dedicated to the art of fishing, and can go any place at anytime.



features a sharper, narrower, tapered bow for faster entry through wind, waves, current, and water.
Now with a new patented, state of the art, external, rigid, inflatable NeedleKnife™ Keel for a faster, smoother paddling experience!
385FT-Fish is sleeker, faster and lighter than ever! The combination of sleek, curved, touring shape with state of the art “NeedleKnife Keel” provides a true rigid fishing kayak performance in an inflatable. Most importantly, the 385FT-Fish is designed to be extremely safe and stable.


Various types of Waterpark Systems can be made by connecting trampolines, connection bars, air mattresses, water slides, etc. These Waterpark Systems can be installed wherever you like, and can be moved and dismantled easily.
Another strong point of these systems is the safety. Because these Waterpark Systems are configured with only inflatable tubes, there are fewer possibilities of users being injured while playing on them.
Our Waterpark Systems are being sold in various Asian markets to waterparks, resorts, and seaside hotels. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers by virtue of the tough, durable construction and economical price. Furthermore, our Waterpark Systems’ convenient design can be utilized in many leisure activities and outdoor sports.


Single & Double Tubes

Our Waterpark Tubes are manufactured with the highest quality materials and workmanship.
We are pleased to serve as the supplier of tubes for your waterpark, and appreciate and value our relationship.
Since your customers come in a variety of heights, weights, and shapes, it is for you to determine which tubes to order.



Exclusive Supplier of PROSLIDE Technologies Cloverleaf and Whirlywheel Tubes.



Our Waterpark Rafts are for serious fun and specially designed for both small and large water slides. All rafts are made by hot air welding machines and built with reinforced seams with comfortable floors. The floor is a PE foam inserted into the raft floor. With our line of Waterpark Rafts, you can now offer the excitement of a family ride at a reasonable price.
Buy our heavy duty models (stock numbers ending in “H”) and extend the life of your raft with extra tough handles and added protection against abrasion and punctures:
– 4000 denider bottom floor (standard floors are 1000 denider
– Fully wrapped with second layer of material up to the side rub strake
– Seat belt strength handles



Various types of Waterpark Systems can be made by connecting trampolines, connection bars, air mattresses, water slides, etc. These Waterpark Systems can be installed wherever you like, and can be moved and dismantled easily. Another strong point of these systems is the safety. Because these Waterpark Systems are configured with only inflatable tubes, there are fewer possibilities of users being injured while playing on them.
Our Waterpark System are being sold in various Asian markets to waterparks, resorts, and seaside hotels. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers by virtue of the tough, durable construction and economical price. Furthermore, our Waterpark Systems’ convenient design can be utilized in many leisure activities and outdoor sports.


Our Transom boats are designed super strength and durability, with its high performance and simple maneuverability. It is also very convenient to keep and carry around because it’s built to be easy to assemble and dissemble. Our transom boats are being used not only for leisure purposes but also competitive purposes such as fishing, racing and rescue.

Experience in production of over 60.000 Products


Armada Transom Boats

An Outstanding Sport Boat at a Less Expensive Price

The Armada transom boat is the best model for leisure boating, with its high performance and easy maneuverability.
The Armada is growing in popularity with fisherman and other water enthusiasts who want to enjoy a relaxing time on the water with their families. This model can tow a small water slide, and can be used for many other applications on the ocean, rivers or lakes.

Excellent Stability and High Performance with less Horse Power

The Armada was designed to easily handle 15 – 40 horse power outboard motor. You can have complete confidence in its strength, performance and reliability. This model has enough room to takes 5 – 8 persons on board very comfortably.

Interchangeable Flooring System with Aluminum, Wood, or Plastic Floor

The standard floor system of this series is a painted marine plywood floorboard. However, you can order an aluminum floorboard system as an option for your boat. And specifically, the SE380A has a third option of plastic floorboard system. We have a wide variety of flooring systems for all models.



Convenient and Easy to Use

This model is so convenient and easy to use that you can often get on the water for exciting fun. The Neplus increases the enthusiasm for boating. Although the Neplus has no inflatable keel, it is stable and maneuverable. We are using the same 1000 denier high quality “Plastomer” boat fabric same as our larger models. Furthermore, the practical price gives the satisfaction that you have received very good value for your money.

Interchangeable Flooring System with Aluminum Roll-Up Slat, Plastic, or Drop Stitch Floor

The Neplus comes standard with a wood roll-up floor. You may choose an aluminum roll-up floor for a small additional cost. As with the Seabon, you can install our high quality drop stitch floor in your Neplus, as well as the other more traditional floors. This floor is more convenient, easy to install, and a favorite among boat owners. The SE290N also has the option of a plastic floorboard system.



Mid-sized, Economically Priced, but still with Exceptional Performance

The mid-sized Seabon model makes a great multi-purpose sport boat. An inflatable keel provides superb handling and permits the watercraft to easily reach planning speed using a smaller outboard motor(less than 15 hp).

Best Selling Design at more Affordable Price

The wide beam and square bow configuration of the Seabon allow maximum interior space for passengers and equipments.This model has been our best seller for the past 25 years. The tube is designed for optimal buoyancy and provides stability and easy handling at an economical price.

Interchangeable Flooring System with Aluminum, Wood, Plastic or Drop Stitch Floor

You can install our high quality drop stitch floor in your Seabon as well as the other more traditional flooring systems. This floor is more convenient, easy to install, and a favorite among boat owners. The SE320S also has the option of a plastic floorboard system.



High quality parts: ZEBEC RIB is built with the best parts in the market made by the best Italian manufacturers and complies with CE regulations.
Standards: ZEBEC RIB is built accoriding to the requirments of the international standards ISO-6185 and European Directive for Recreational Crafts 94/25/EC, in addition to RINA certificate for some models.
Best fabric: ZEBEC RIB is built with the best inflatable boats fabric. VALMEX is our standard fabric for all RIB boats, made by Mehler texnologies from Germany.


Yacht Tender

The Yacht Tender, with its new design, convenient features, and high quality materials is the best on the market. You will be proud to display this attractive tender on your yacht.


Walker Bay Genesis


For those most concerned with weight and portability, our lightest hull Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) also folds and stores easily. Quick to plane, super durable and easy to store, the Genesis Light also comes with a cup holder and a small storage compartment in the seat for valuables. A smart choice for those who just need the basics. A smart choice for those who just need the basics. The feature loaded Walker Bay Genesis second Generation G2 RIB combines a hull that is durable and easy to maintain with superior features and plenty of space for cargo and crew. Boasting innovative features such as Wheels in the Hull™ for maneuvering on land, a tapering tube design that offers a wider bow area and more interior space, and a tube rocker that makes for a drier ride, it’s no wonder Genesis has been turning heads around the world. Genesis also keeps you dryer than any other RIB in its class. The combination of a wide-bow design and the curved V-hull keeps water down at the bow and not up in your face while at speed. The non-skid floor on a Genesis drains at all points to a bilge so there is never any water at your feet, keeping you and your belongings dry. The new G2 version has tons of upgrades above and below the surface. The transom is anodized aluminum to be lightweight, incredibly strong and avoid any corrosion. Tube construction is further improved through improved transom point reinforcement, a new removable tube seal system and a thicker and sturdier rub rail. With so many upgrades comes a new look and colour, making the most advanced small rigid inflatable boat on the market look even better.


Walker Bay 8 & 10

Row. Motor. Sail. Tow.
Weighing only 71 pounds the Walker Bay 8 is easy for one person to handle in and out of the water. Its lightweight and innovative features, like Wheel in the Keel, make it perfect for people who want a boat they can transport easily.

Boasting all the same innovative features as the Walker Bay 8 Dinghy, the Walker Bay 10 is roomier and comes with a reinforced gunwale, integrated cup holders, a non-slip cockpit floor and is rated for a higher horsepower motor and person capacity.

Superior Technology
Through our unique and technologically advanced process of high-pressure injection molding, comes a one-piece seamless hull that is lightweight, maintenance free, UV protected, incredibly durable, and backed by a 10-year limited warranty. No other hull can compare. What’s more, this type of manufacturing process is entirely environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. More than just a smart choice, this is a boat you can feel good about owning.

Rowing Performance
The lapstrake hull of the Rigid Dinghy is designed to cut through water producing less displacement and drag, resulting in a boat that rows easier and straighter. What’s more, the Hydro Curve Oar blades are super light to reduce swing weight and rower fatigue and are curved to maximize rowing efficiency.

Motoring Performance
Designed to motor at harbor speeds, the traditional hull design cuts through the water producing a smaller wake, resulting in higher controlled speeds for “no wake” zones. The beamy Rigid Dinghy also offers lots of space for cargo and crew, or check out Walker Bay’s line of inflatable boats for another spacious and affordable boating option.

Sailing Performance
Maximize your fun, add a sail kit to your Rigid Dinghy to create an exciting, versatile sailboat. Simple to rig and easy to sail, Walker Bay Sailboats are competitive on all tacks versus other boats in their class. Pointing ability is optimised through a combination of hull design, sail plan and daggerboard performance. A hinged telescopic tiller extension allows steering from various positions within the boat and will easily retract, ultimately yielding comfort and fast transitions for every level of sailor.



Banana Boat

Riding the Water Banana Boat is the ultimate in family fun. All ages can enjoy the ride, since all you have to do is sit and hold on. Designed with large main tubes and side stabilizing pontoons, the Water Bananas are engineered for a safe and thrilling ride.
You will not stop laughing as you rock and roll over the waves. Break away from the ordinary and have fun with the Water Banana during your next weekend outing. All kinds of Water Bananas are constructed with super tough fabric to withstand commercial use.

Single Tube Water Banana
Our most economical, the single tube Water Banana has been used in resorts around the world. A great idea for your next family outing on the lake. Lots of fun for “big kids” as well as children.

Double Tube Water Banana
The double tube Water Banana was designed with the commercial resort operator in mind. This design of Water Banana pulls easier with less water resistance because of the gradual bow and stern rise. Lare reinforced shackle-rings are located on both tubes.


Band Wagon

Band Wagon is the newest item which is much more thrilling and stability. Using special boat fabric unlike conventional plastic products, its durability has been improved vastly and the life span has been increased in more than 2 times.

Main tube fabric: 1,000denider/ 0.90mm thickness
New concept of water boat
Heavy duty reinforcement



The Flyfish was designed and developed completely through many years of trial and error. We are proud of the Flyfish and its reputation with customers around the world. During the professional Flyfish racing in Europe, FF200 and FF300 can fly 10 meters up in the air when pulled by a Jet-Ski. The FF600 has become the most popular model with our European customers.

World-Wide patent
New concept of water boat
Main tube fabric: 1,000denier/ 0.90mm thickness
Heavy duty reinforcement
Strong towing patches
Soft handles
Stainless steel d-rings


Sun Dolphin Pedal Boat

Seating for 3 adults and 2 kids
Pedal positions for 1, 2 or 3 people
Super tough paddle wheel
Closed cell polystyrene foam flotation
Built-in cooler or storage area
Beverage holders
Rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex® High Density Polyethylene deck and hull

Length: 86″ / 218cm
Width: 62″ / 157cm
Height: 23″ / 58cm
Weight: 100 lbs. / 45kg
Capacity: 545 lbs. / 247kg

Length: 96″ / 244cm
Width: 65″ / 165cm
Height: 24 1/2″ / 62cm
Weight: 110 lbs. / 50kg
Capacity: 545 lbs. / 247kg